In a unique and wonderful enclave

The town of Pedreña is located on a small peninsula overlooking the bay of Santander about 18 km by road from Santander and about 5 km by sea, since you can reach the Cantabrian capital in 15 minutes by a Santander-Pedreña boat service, which also offers tours of the bay of Santander, the river Cubas and the open sea, to see the beaches of Santander, Cabo Mayor and the Mouro lighthouse. The town is therefore in a prime position, both for its proximity to major population centres and because of its outstanding natural beauty. 

Thanks to its prime location, surrounded by the waters in which its inhabitants have dedicated their lives to fishing its famous clams and Pedreña razor shells, you will find a variety of typical grills in which to savour our succulent fish and seafood.

Since childhood, the inhabitants of Pedreña have acquired a great fondness for golf thanks to its famous course and its champion, Severiano Ballesteros, which have made the town of Pedreña world famous. And finally rowing, which is no less important as it has provided us with many victories. 

The highlights of the place include its emblematic Pedreña Royal Golf Club, opened in 1928 and its century old rowing team. The golfers, Ramón Sota Ocejo (1938), Severiano Ballesteros Sota (1957) and José Manuel Carriles Corino (1963) and the hockey player, Pilar González Noval (1959), were born here. We also have a municipal golf course and a golf school with another course. 

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